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CruzBuy E-Procurement System – UCSC Financial Affairs

CruzBuy E-Procurement System

CruzBuy is UCSC’s application for purchasing goods and services. It enables users to browse online catalogs or request items using an electronic form and …

CruzBuy Account Management – UCSC Financial Affairs

CruzBuy Account Management

CruzBuy interfaces with the Financial Information System (FIS Banner) to create purchase orders and submit them to suppliers, electronically or via automated …

and login to CruzBuy, using CruzID Gold at – SIGN IN


Please enter the login credentials in the fields below to sign in to the application. Password is case-sensitive. WARNING! You are about to access the

LOBO CruzBuy Info – UC Observatories

LOBO CruzBuy Info

Mar 30, 2021 — All CruzBuy users must have a login & password in order to use the system. Obtaining a CruzBuy Account. To request a new account or account …

CruzBuy Accounts for Purchasing

CruzBuy Accounts for Purchasing – University of California Observatories

Dec 16, 2022 — Log in to CruzBuy and click Non-Catalog Goods. 5. Select Quartzy, Inc as the supplier and enter in the item details in the form.

Purchase from Quartzy at University of California, Santa Cruz

Purchase from Quartzy at University of California, Santa Cruz – CruzBuy – Quartzy Support

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Note: Only labs in the US can buy from Quartzy. If you would like to access this feature, please email Quartzy is…

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